Ban Appeal Instructions

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Ban Appeal Instructions

Postby oddministrator » 25 Sep 2015 09:03

You must start your thread title with the words "Ban Appeal." Please include your in-game name in the title, for ease.
  • This is one of two forums (along with applications) that anyone can post to while graylisted. That means we'll likely be getting a lot of bots spamming this forum, so every post that does not start with "Ban Appeal" in the title will be deleted.

In the thread feel free to please give as much information as you wish. Tell us why you should be banned. Please keep in mind that we use extensive block-logging plugins, so there's no use in saying that you didn't take/destroy something, as we typically have evidence. Being honest is the absolute best way to have a ban appealed.

Do not PM me or other admins/mods regarding an appeal if a third party was involved. There are multiple sides to every story and any claims you make may be contested by another player.

Most bans are temporary (24 hours or 1 week), so please consider if it's worth stirring up drama when just cooling off for a bit and returning to play normally may be better.
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