Application - Mavas

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Application - Mavas

Postby Burjur » 21 Jan 2016 02:46

Application Contents:

MC Name: Mavas
Alternate Name: Mavas is fine
Have you read our player rules? yes
Do you accept them? yes
Is "my little brother used my account, stole diamonds, and burned down spawn" a valid excuse? no
Is "he called me an idiot, broke all my doors, so I killed all his mooshrooms" an acceptable act? no
What type of player are you? I like exploring and enjoying the environment of minecraft. I also enjoy seeing what other people build. Not a good builder myself :(
Do you have a friend on Wafer? No
Anything else? I have been playing solo but would love to join a server with fellow goons. Minecraft is more enjoyable with multiple people playing at the same time.
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Re: Application - Mavas

Postby oddministrator » 22 Jan 2016 09:18

Hi, thanks for your application and welcome to Wafer!
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