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Wafer World Download

Postby oddministrator » 21 May 2016 21:06

It seems that it's over.

Anyone wishing to download the world backup of Wafer may do so here:


I wish it could have lasted longer. Many of you were good friends, I wish I had been a better one.

I'm still unable to play any first-person games on a monitor without getting sick (I even own a copy of Witcher 3 that I've never been able to play), but if any of you would like to find me on Steam I believe I'm either "oddministrator" or "notlogic". I can play first-person games fine in Virtual Reality without getting sick, so I'm hoping that Mojang will add a Vive or SteamVR Minecraft option in the future.
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Re: Wafer World Download

Postby onceuponafail » 23 May 2016 17:29

It was fun while it lasted. Thank you for hosting the server for as long as you did.
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Re: Wafer World Download

Postby whitegoodman » 22 Jun 2016 12:34

Its been awhile since I played but have you considered handing down the torch to a new admin to keep wafer alive? Ill talk to th3saget maybe me and him will take over if everyone is still uo for wafer 2.0 :)
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