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Owner Rules

PostPosted: 25 Sep 2015 09:20
by oddministrator
Yes, I have rules for myself.

  • If the server grows enough to lag, address the issue.
    • If this means changing plugins, then do so.
    • If this means upgrade the server, then do so.
    • If this means switching hosts, then do so.
  • Ensure mods and admins don't abuse their power.
  • Don't abuse my power.
    • This includes no using /give except in extreme situations, even if it benefits the community.
    • This includes using /tp to get around for personal reasons. /tp should only be used in an administrative context.
  • If at some point I choose to stop playing/running the server, do the following:
    1. Give one month warning before ending hosting contract so the community can decide how they wish to proceed.
    2. Offer control of the server to someone else, pending community approval.
    3. If nobody steps up, make the map and seed publicly available.
  • Offer promotions to mod or admin to responsible and willing players.
  • Demote immature, abusive, or non-engaged mods and admins.
  • Ensure that all whitelist applications are reviewed within 24 hours.
    • The goal is to have this below 15 minutes, however until we have a good group of admins, I'll do my best -- keep in mind that I must sleep and work between MC sessions.