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Moderator Rules

PostPosted: 23 Sep 2015 10:59
by oddministrator
Yes, moderators have rules and they are public.

  • Your bans only last 24 hours.
    • If you need a ban to last longer, ask an admin.
    • Only ban people for breaking rules.
  • Moderator abilities are never to be used because you like or dislike someone.
    • No benefits given to friends (items, transportation of items or players, knowledge, etc... nothing)
    • No detriment exacted upon someone you find annoying, distasteful, etc unless they've clearly broken a rule.
  • Do not ask to be an admin.
  • Do not harass players.
    • Stay out of a player's way.
    • You may use /vanish to occasionally watch a player you suspect of x-ray or other rule breaking.
    • You may not reveal anything a player may be doing secretly, but legally, to anyone else. Players want and deserve privacy.
  • If a player dies and loses items because they were careless, do not give them any aid.
    • This includes dying because their computer lagged, powered down, etc.
    • This includes a player dying and their items despawning before they return to retrieve them.
  • If a player illegally destroys another's build, you may apply restorations. Do not give mats to players.
  • If a player steals from another, first attempt to recover items from the thief. Only if the stolen items were lost should you /give.
  • You may not use your mod abilities to benefit your own build, give yourself items, or assist builds benefiting the community.
  • This bears repeating: Do not use mod abilities to benefit a community build. Everything on this server is built vanilla.
  • Only whitelist people who have posted an application. Yes, this includes your friends.