Server Rules - Read Before Playing

Rules for the Wafer server, website, and forums.

Server Rules - Read Before Playing

Postby oddministrator » 23 Sep 2015 10:30

  • No Griefing.
    • Don't destroy another player's structures without permission.
    • Don't alter common areas without permission.
    • Don't attack other players unless mutually agreed upon.
    • If you are griefed, do not seek revenge. Tell a mod, admin, or owner.
    • Don't harvest another player's plants or animals without their permission.
  • No Cheating.
    • No x-ray.
    • No client-side hacks.
    • No glitch abuse.
    • No other cheating I forgot to list.
  • Respect server chat.
    • In-depth discussions, especially contentious ones about the direction of the server, are best held on the forums.
    • Light swearing and adult topics are okay. Harassment is not.
    • Do not advertise other services (hosts, servers, non-MC products, etc) in chat. Use the forums.
    • Do not flood in-game chat with spam. You know it when you see it.
  • Respect other player builds.
    • Some players like to live and build alone. Let them do so within reason.
      • What does this mean? Again, you know it when you see it. There are so many things to take into consideration here, but in general, try to give people a 200 block buffer.
        • Don't abuse your 200 block buffer and be reasonable in areas with high traffic (near spawn, major roads, etc), precious resources (mushroom island, other rare biomes, etc), or low visibility (if you don't tell anyone you live in a wooden hut in the jungle, don't be surprised if they settle 100 blocks away because they didn't see you).
    • Some players like to live together in cities. Don't move in uninvited.
      • A city may need more than a 200 block buffer. It may not. Talk with the owners -- if someone's halfway done building Minas Tirith don't expect to pop up a cobble hut 200 blocks away and stop their progress.
      • Conversely. If you're considering building a city, don't think that just because a player has a small base where you want to build means you can trample over them. Find an uninhabited area or talk to the inhabitants first. While people love seeing grandiose builds, many also enjoy quaint quiet Minecraft. People can have big dreams of quiet farms just as easily as grand cities.
  • No stealing player-owned items.
    • If the chest is not yours, don't take anything from it.
    • If a block is not yours, do not take it.
  • No destroying or moving into old structures without mod permission
    • If you encounter an abandoned structure and you wish to demolish or adopt the build, first get permission on these forums.
  • Do not ask to be a mod, admin, or OP
    • This includes asking in-game, through private messages, on reddit, on the forums, by mail, smoke signal, or any other way you might ask.
    • Yes, this applies to you.
    • If you think, perhaps, this doesn't apply to you, you're wrong.
  • Do not build automated farms, redstone clocks, etc in spawn chunk
    • If you are unsure where the spawn chunk borders are, ask. They will be marked soon.
  • Respect the will of the player-base on rare biomes, common areas, etc
    • If you build a castle along an x or z 0-axis within 500 blocks of spawn, don't be surprised if a roadway later plows through your build.
    • If you build along an x or z 0-axis in the nether within 1250 blocks of 0,0, don't be surprised if a nether tunnel system later plows through your build.
    • Please don't take these as prohibitions from building on a 0-axis. Builds that anticipate and incorporate major roadways only add to the beauty of Wafer.
  • Obey the mods
    • Mods are not infallible.
    • If you think a mod made a bad call, ask an admin.
    • If you think an admin made a bad call, ask the owner.
  • Do not enter the End Portal before server upgrades to 1.9.
  • Bans may be appealed in the forums.
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Re: Server Rules - Read Before Playing

Postby oddministrator » 01 Oct 2015 15:33

10/1/2015: Added guidelines for respecting other players' builds and buffer zones.
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